Today, comprehensive GHG reporting for countries is too slow, with delays typically measured in years. The data
models and the self-reporting format generate a degree of distrust in official reporting.
Independent reporting, such as through the Climate Trace Coalition, is making headway towards its vision to track
GHG emissions with “unprecedented detail and speed” but with work ahead to make this a reality. We are proud
to have become the most recent member of this coalition.

Our solution will offer current and continuous reporting of country data, globally, based on direct measurements,
advanced satellite image sensing, and data processing. This will be unique and a gamechanger for data-driven
understanding and climate action.

The climate impact of this new emission data will be generated by scientists creating knowledge, policy analysts
informing decision-makers, and private citizens holding decision-makers accountable and adjusting their own
consumption decisions.

Success will require building trust in the data through strong governance and staffing of the project, critical
partnerships, and independent, science-based verification.