We are firm believers in partnerships as the best way of securing maximum impact on this project and see major
opportunity of collaborating with partners towards the same goals. Not least with our disruptive technological
solution, success will require strong partnerships with established, well-recognized institutions. Our initial
outreach has encouraged us to proceed with the project as crafted in this paper.

Partnerships are sought, and will be built, in several domains:


  • Technically, to develop the product. This includes satellite agencies, IT companies and mapping

companies, as well as relevant academic institutions. It may be possible to attract CSR type or
philanthropic contributions of many such partners, but mostly external funding will be required and has
therefore been included in the budget.

  • Operationally, to acquire extensive computing resources. We are optimistic about finding partners willing

to donate in-kind computing capacity for data processing and warehousing, or provide such at discounted

  • Organizationally, to launch and host the data. While EverImpact could do this alone, collaboration with

one or more well-established and reputable organizations would surely enhance chances of broad user
acceptance and dissemination and thereby impact. We assume this will be contributed by partners.

  • Of scientific and quality assurance nature. It will be essential to ensure independent verification of this

data, especially as it may contradict existing, official emission reporting. Quality assurance could be
provided by respected scientific institutions, both in the development stage of the methodology and on
an ongoing basis. While pro bono inputs or separate funding is possible, budget provisions have been
made for the essentials.

  • Financially. This is a not-for-profit initiative which over time Everimpact could contribute financially to

when its separate commercial activities become revenue-generating. In the initial stages, over the first

five years, external funding will be required through respectable institutions, foundations or crowd-

We are proud to have recently joined the Climate Trace Coalition with its nine previous members partners:
WattTime, in the lead, and Earthline Alliance, Blue Sky Analytics, Rocky Mountains Institute, Al Gore, Hudson
Carbon, Hypervine, (carbon)plan, Carbon Tracker, and Ocean Mind. The preliminary understanding is the role of the
project to:


  • Help fill sector gaps dealing with Transport and Buildings, with the former as the most urgent priority.

  • With WattTime producing bottom-up data estimates and Everimpact top-down measurements,

partnering to marry these perspectives.