Everimpact.org, the legal host of the project, is registered in Denmark as a non-for profit organization created with
a mission to provide country-level GHG emission data as a free public good.
It is a spin-off from Everimpact.com, a company created under French law in 2016. Its business is focused on
helping cities and businesses measure and reduce carbon emissions. For more information about this company,
please see www.everimpact.com.

To clarify, the project for which partnership and funding is sought is under the auspices of the non-for profit entity
established under Danish law. This arrangement has been made to ensure separate governance, independent
reporting, and full transparency of this activity.


The founding team members come from careers in the United Nations. They have extensive experience and track

records of successfully managing complex international programmes and projects, and of building partnerships for

results among key players in government, business, and civil society. Specific competencies include sustainability,

climate change, project management, relationship, and partnership management, satellite technology, IT, big data,

and procurement.


Jan Mattsson managed a fully self-financed operational arm of the UN, implementing thousands of sustainable

development projects with 7000 staff and USD1.2 billion annual budget. Alain Retiere founded two satellite

projects, UNOSAT and CLIMSAT. Mathieu Carlier deployed IT and big data infrastructures in over 50 Presidential