EverImpact is a company fighting Climate Change with innovative solutions. We want to make sure that our future generations are given a chance to live on our planet. Our team has a long-standing track record in satellite imagery, sustainable development, climate change, and climate finance. We want to make a difference where it matters, for the people that need it the most. 



Mathieu Carlier
Co-Founder & CEO

Alain Retière
Co-Founder & CTO

Jan Mattsson
Senior Advisor

Mathieu worked  almost 10 years in the UN System (UNDP, UNICEF) before becoming a Social Entrepreneur.  His experience  in deploying complex projects (mostly technology based such as Big Data and Biometric Systems) for Presidential and Legislative Elections in over 50 war-zone or post-conflict countries has provided him with a unique vision of the most pressing Global Development Challenges faced by many countries. 
Along his career he spent time training or advising National and Local governments on how to leverage technology and data systems to solve challenges such as Climate Change. Mathieu is a member of a Big Data expert panel at the World Bank, teaches occasionally at UN ICT ILO, and advises UN agencies on data technologies.



Alain is an agro-ecologist and climate change expert, he accounts 30 years of field experience in sustainable development in more than 120 countries. He leads the TASK consortium that supports green economy projects in 12 countries and manages for UNCCD the post Rio+20 Land Degradation Neutrality pilot project in 14 countries. He works with R20 as senior scientific adviser.
From 2008 until 2011, he managed CLIMSAT, the UNDP scientific and technical service platform dedicated to assist sub-national climate change adaptation and mitigation planning. Previously he initiated and led for 10 years UNOSAT, the UN emergency satellite service, for which he received in 2005 the UN21 Award from Secretary-General Kofi Annan


Jan is a leader of sustainable development.  He worked at the UN for three decades, including UNDP, UNIDO, UNFPA, WFP and UNODC.  In his most recent UN assignment, Jan was UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UNOPS, an organization specialized in implementation of development, humanitarian, and peace-building operations on behalf of multiple partners.  After leaving the UN, he founded M-Trust, an advisory firm promoting socially responsible investments and partnerships between business, government, and civil society in pursuit of sustainable development. In addition, he is a Member of the World Bank's Inspection Panel. Jan has a Ph. D. in Engineering specialized in management of technology.